Welcome Address by Director
You are welcome to Good Shepherd Educational Institute, the place where your wards gain academic excellence as well as good moral up-bringing . Each student is guided to focus his/her efforts on finding a Category A second cycle school that is a good match for her—a place where your wards will continue to grow, to learn, and to move toward reaching his/her own potential, the place where your wards are always encouraged to come out with the best. Read more



The School

The school was established in 1985 by Mr. Adjei Koffour with approximately a population of 15 and has over the period seen a significant growth to a population of 1400 student within the last 25 years. The founders had the divine direction to start a school that would be a model of moral character builder through the principles of the Bible, and contribute to the provision of quality education in Ghana and Africa in general so as to rise new generation of world changers who will lead by positive influence.  Read more

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